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  • Redirect Problem

    first time user. intended redirect does not seem to work.. As a test, visitors from Reno, NV, USA (where i am), landing on, i want redirected TO: >> when i test, there is no redirect. Thanks!

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    A couple of clarifications please.

    1. What is the login username of your account so we can look into your account?
    2. does not appear to be properly setup - sub domain not resolved.
    3. What is your IP address when you test? You can retrieve that from



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      We looked into this and your campaign is setup correctly except for missing a catch all redirect.

      As you do have 1 redirect setup under the campaign sending visitors to if they are from Reno NV United States

      What we need from you is:

      1. What is your IP address on the device you tested with? You can retrieve that from
      2. Are you testing this URL? If so if it's not redirecting to the specified sub domain it should go back to as you don't have a Catch-All URL.


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      We have added a catch-all redirect that goes to

      We have checked the IP address associated with your forum post 99.127.124.** and it is indeed from Reno NV United States and will redirect to

      Are you sure you are testing campaign URL from a device on the IP 99.127.124.** or any other IP from Reno NV United States?


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        just for sh*ts & giggles, i added another campaign configuring ALL users in Nevada, USA redirect to the aforementioned re-direct. Not only do i know that i am at the 99.127.124.* IP address, i know even more i'm inside the state of Nevada. However, despite the added campaign, when i visit, it still does not redirect me TO:


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          I believe you have a little misunderstanding with how CPAClickz works. And I was confused on how you were testing it.

          Traffic has to enter in from, which is your campaign URL, in order for the redirection to happen.

          The point of entry has to be the campaign URL.

          If you setup redirection on the homepage root of, it's going to create a negative impact to the SEO of your website.

          Geo traffic redirection is more and commonly used for landing pages and sending paid traffic such as PPC.

          E.g. if you were to setup a Google Adwords campaign, the destionation URL would be the CPAClickz campaign URL, so when people search on Google and click on your ads, they'd be redirected accordingly.


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            Automatic redirection should not occur on landing pages that are important to organic search.
            As I have noticed your homepage is indexed and is probably receiving organic traffic from search engines.
            If you setup automatic redirection on the homepage it'd be considered as a "doorway page" from search engines' perspectives.

            If you wish to market to visitors from Reno NV, United States directly on your homepage, I would recommend displaying ads based on their geographic locations.

            e.g. You can utilize to setup image advertising campaigns that you can place on your homepage, which would display image ads that you configure based on visitors' geographic locations. And you can place the ad in prominent location on your homepage.