Topic: Bullying and Women SelfDefense Classes for Youth (back to index)

Created on 2021-08-01 18:52:01 by SHERRY (User) from

Address and teach ways of handling bullying and women
Self Defense.

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SHERRY (User) from replied on 2021-08-01 19:12:02

Discuss Bullying with youth and parents, teach what Bullying is and how to Handle Bullying, teach positive life skills,
build self-confidence and positive Self-Motto to handle Bullying in School and Home.

Women's Self Defense Youth Classes - teach awareness to avoid bad situations and teach
techniques that will allow the girl to run and seek help.

Tyreik (User) from replied on 2021-08-22 02:55:40

I feel this is will unite Us in a better path.