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Created on 2020-02-20 09:35:21 by Barbara (User) from

From personal experience, VA Transportation is becoming increasingly unavailable to nearly all disabled veterans- unless they're in a wheelchair or have a life-threatening disease to which they are constantly watched by a caregiver. For the last year-and-a-half I have been transported by and Uber driver of sorts via my doctor to ensure my attendance for appointments. Now my appointments are increasing and there are courses I need to take, as of the first of the new year I am no longer allowed do you realize that Transportation source. And since most transporters who volunteer are based out of Springfield or Arkansas my location is not exactly ideal 4 the DAV, or any other volunteer Affiliated program as per the VA. They give grants the students who are taking three quarter time or greater for the repairs of their vehicle one time in your life, so that you can get to and from School however Medical Dental Mental Health appointments somehow do not fall under this category availability for that loan. I am a single mother of two kids and we have lived in Mount Vernon for 6 years and I need a new vehicle now. My credit is not that great however I am working on that but it seems I can't get ahead to save my life I just need some help as a one-time deal to obtain newer used vehicle.

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Aaron (Administrator) from replied on 2020-02-20 14:50:28

The government does not provide financial support to purchase personal vehicles.