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Created on 2017-07-21 19:37:41 by Aaron (All Star) from

Hi folks,

The tracking that we have in place for the marketplaces that we work with, well, only eBay at the moment, is solid.

It's quite straight forward, we simply pass your unique account identifier to the traffic that exit from to and will handle the rest of the tracking for purchases. So if you are logged in on, searched and clicked on any product, your account identifier has been passed onto eBay.

Keep in mind that there may be a delay in our system receiving data from our partners. Please expect up to 2-5 days to see sales posted to your account. As long as you were logged into your before and during the purchase, cashback will be credited to your account.

What happens afterwards on is something out of our control.

Here's the bad news.

We have came across several occasions where our users have claimed they have made the purchases on eBay from while logged in, but eBay never posted back the transactions. 

For items listed on eBay, a sale must be completed within 24 hours from the initial click time. If you intend to purchase via "Buy It Now", you must complete your purchase within 24 hours from your initial click time to the product from If you click on "Add to Cart" on eBay, you must check out on eBay within 24 hours. If you make an offer on a product, the Seller must accept the offer within 24 hours from your initial click time. The 24 hour tracking limit on eBay is something that we have no control over. We recommend that you purchase via "Buy It Now".

We have also came across scenarios where some shady plugins or browser extensions are "stealing" commissions by overwriting the tracking variables as users land on This is again something that is out of our control. 


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Jenny (All Star) from replied on 2017-07-21 19:47:21

Are you looking to integrate with other marketplaces? There are many other shopping portals out there that I regularly shop on in addition to eBay.

Would be fantastic if I could earn cashback from these marketplaces too...

Aaron (All Star) from replied on 2017-07-21 20:55:13


We are constantly looking to integrate with other marketplaces and are currently undergoing development for several marketplaces such as aliexpress and newegg.

The way works makes integration a little bit tricky, because we allow our users to not only earn cashback by purchasing products themselves, but also by referring individual products or to others. 

We do understand the value of having more marketplaces integrated - more shopping choices for our users - and are always working as hard as we can to bring them in.