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Created on 2018-11-08 21:40:32 by Marion (User) from

I want to buy a apartment building or buildings and use them for very low-income families,disabled,Vetrans.
I myself am disabled and struggling and can not find a cheap place to live.At the moment I am living with my daughter.
I have had a lot of struggles in the past few years and I know what it is like to be homeless and have to bounce around. 
I see so many people includingany low income working families struggling in the small towns around me. Some I have seen have to invade family and non family members inorder to get off streets or due to eviction. I have seen parents split there children apart to live with families so that they can save money to get into another place, only to be burdened with another eviction for choosing food or heat for there families.There are so many empty places in Maine.Yet no place for our homeless and low income familes.
I know I am one of them people who need something I can afford on my own

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Aaron (Administrator) from replied on 2018-12-13 15:07:14

There are housing grants provided to organizations that provide hospitality to low-income families. Please contact these organizations in your local area. The government does not provide grants to assist individual families to purchase homes.