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Created on 2019-11-20 20:56:28 by Rex (User) from

I'm looking to apply for a grant to help buy land for a veteran to support other veterans to live in a agricultural, low stress environment in Tennessee. 
They would be able to interact with neighbors and townspeople to purchase items necessary for the land, daily living and whatever may occur. This low stress, living out in the woods would help veterans who prefer solitude yet be able to drive into town and go to Veterans facility if needed too. This would allow 2 to 3 veterans to reside within the 50 plus acres that the grant would hopefully fund, and possibly the building of the houses of the individuals.

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Aaron (Administrator) from replied on 2019-11-28 19:28:23


In order to receive grants you must have a business proposal in a sector, such as the agricultural sector, and provide research or economic value to the society. 

The government does not provide free money for veterans to purchase lands, items, or places to live.