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Created on 2021-02-23 06:53:15 by anthony (User) from

I'm looking for help to get a car so I can work and go back to school and housing I want to become part of society in a positive direction not bad one anyone help me be part of my family!

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Aaron (Administrator) from replied on 2021-03-09 13:40:37

The US government does not provide grants to purchase a vehicle.

William (User) from replied on 2021-05-22 15:02:30

My name is William and I recently wrecked the truck lost all my tools became homeless all the same time you broke me and have no way to get in my truck out so I lost everything and would like a grant to start my own business doing landscaping flagstone it and property clean up I'm very good at what I do I have my license back and and clean record no criminal history yeah I'm just trying to get my life back on track as well but I would like to start my own business I am very good at what I do animals with hardest worker I've ever met

Diane (User) from replied on 2021-05-25 20:35:34

Wow..than why do they say individuals can apply to get a grant if you exahausted. All other means of trying to get a vehicle on your own where ate you to go for help? I myself am on SSI and i used to take public transportation until i can not walk long distances i need a used car and i have tried catholic charities even car dealers i send them email and craigslist and other social avenues no one has responded it is so frustrating injust move in a apartment and that takes all my income pretty depressing that you can not get transportation because you can not afford to or you are not able to do so and than they make you feel stupid if you ask for help i filled many applications on site say they help but in reality it is a scam if you give them a bank card than they rip you off so where is the truth..i do not even know of this site is legit i think they filter out the ones they want to help and others they just let them hang in there system
Good luck everyone who can not afford a car and is disable looking for help, we are the most venerable but yet we cam not get help

Aaron (Administrator) from replied on 2021-05-28 13:04:11

What you are looking for is financial aid not government grants. The United States government does not provide grants to purchase a vehicle for personal use.

Yuliana (User) from replied on 2021-06-22 01:33:50

Need grant assistants, To help me persued my standard ,individually we are looking F/P a career paid job yes I live ..been15 years living with my parents and need assistance i need,application form ,i can talk with family and parents for the can  provide go .
Yuliana Yarim Bloomberg
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Yuliana (User) from replied on 2021-06-22 01:34:56
I applied for housing in 2015

Daniel (User) from replied on 2021-11-10 22:29:23

what about money for a vehicle for a business? Im self employed and drive my own vehicle for non emergency medical transport here in wisconsin

Aaron (Administrator) from replied on 2021-11-10 22:34:01

There may be grants available to acquire vehicles for business. With that said, the vehicle must be registered to the business with auto insurance for the business on the vehicle in order for the vehicle to be considered for business.

lance (User) from replied on 2022-06-20 21:10:16

I need brakes repaired on my (1998 F150). I have Doctors appointments every other month. I have to use my emergency brake always  The distance to Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is 58 miles, and to get to a grocery store 31 miles on a semi winding road..

lance (User) from replied on 2022-06-20 21:12:51

I hope you can help my issue

John (User) from replied on 2022-07-28 14:05:00

I am needing housing so I can get my on place instead of being on the street and staying with people that are not doing good things.  
I would be grateful for any help you can give to me.
I am in Barnwell SC I have asked for help an unable to find anyone that can tell me where to go,  I have no phone but you can call my Mom.