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Created on 2017-07-24 14:38:11 by Aaron (All Star) from

Hi folks,

We have came across quite a few inquiries regarding negative numbers showing up on your accounts.

Our system simply receives transaction data from the integrated marketplaces and post the data to our user accounts. 

Quite often you will see transactions, both positive and negative, applied to your account days or weeks after your initial purchase. 

This is because the marketplaces are posting these adjustments back to our system days or weeks after your initial purchase.

These adjustments are the result of additional payment paid to or received from the sellers on the marketplaces, such as discounts, shipping adjustments, refunds, and so on.

For example, if you have purchased an item for $100 and received $3 cashback posted to your account. The Seller decides to give you an additional discount of $10, you will see a negative adjustment posted to your account. 

If you have requested for partial or full refund on your purchase, you will see a negative adjustment posted to your account. 

The marketplaces that we integrate with may append additional penalties for refunds, and these will be posted to your account. 

We have added a feature allowing you to view all the "related" transactions following your initial sale in both "Account Sales" and "Referral Sales". Simply click on the product title of any transaction to pull up the "related" transactions information box.

We hope by providing you with the ability to see related transactions on your purchases will improve the level of transparency on reporting for our users.


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Johnson (Beginner) from replied on 2017-07-24 16:41:24

Very useful.
Thanks for the clarification