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Created on 2017-07-24 21:05:29 by Aaron (All Star) from

Hello folks,

If you navigate to My Whohou --> Promote and Earn

You will see 2 ways that you can promote or products on and earn cashback without purchasing products yourself. 

We have just modified our platform so that you can promote any public page on, not just the homepage, as long as you attach your unique referral ID to the end of the URL.

For example, you can recommend this blog post: 

and attach your referral ID like this:

We will be creating marketing-focused landing pages on ourselves to promote our platform, and you will be able to also use these pages in your promotional campaigns. 



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Aaron (All Star) from replied on 2017-07-26 21:07:41

Here's an example of a marketing-focused landing page that we will be using internally ourselves to promote our platform. Feel free to use it too!

To attach your referral ID:

Jenny (All Star) from replied on 2017-07-27 12:49:42

Looks pretty good!

Aaron (All Star) from replied on 2017-07-28 04:57:12

Here's another one, geared towards purchasing managers